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Why Partner with Us?
MetaBody is a simple and FREE service for fitness studios across North America to reach a new audience and build a loyal member base!

Advertising your fitness studio is expensive we all know that! Flyers, newspaper ads, and even television or radio ads are costly and ineffective. If your location, whether a private studio or larger gym chain, is having difficulty promoting your studio and classes, the MetaBody Marketing Program is a new and exciting way to change those unconstructive results and drive new leads right to your doorstep. Best of all, this program is completely FREE!
Interested in Promoting Your Studio?

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How Does it Work?
First, you decide which group fitness class you would like to promote - they can be on any day and at any time! We want to promote only those classes that you want to promote; the classes that need more participants! Furthermore, you have complete control to determine how many trial clients you can accept in each class.
We do all the marketing work for you and make sure that your classes are filled to capacity. We work with your schedule to keep your classes full and leave you focusing on what you do best... providing great workouts and running a business.
There are absolutely NO costs or risks.... So what you are waiting for?
Interested in Promoting Your Studio?

Talk to a MetaBody Marketing Specialist... Call 1-800-580-9232
We’re here Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm EST
What are Studio Owner Saying?
The MetaBody Yoga and Fitness pass is working great to bring new students into my studio. I have a small yoga studio and what I particularly like is that I can dictate how many students can come to which classes. In this way I can make sure that popular classes don't get over crowded; turning away our regulars, and slow classes can get built up with new students. And, students who love our classes continue on with us building clientele in an affordable and comfortable way. The MetaBody staff is responsive and helpful. I think this is the best deal out there and look forward to working with MetaBody again and again.

Hiawatha yoga's partnership with Metabody has been a great experience and brought hundreds of new clients to our Wellness studio in Minneapolis. The online registration allows us to avoid overcrowding so we can focus on providing small classes. The fitness pass is an ideal way for people to try studios & for us to meet new yogis!
2012 was our first year in business. It was crucial to get as many people as possible to know us. When Metabody's representative called us their offer seemed too good to be true. We were just waiting to see what really is going to happen... It was amazing to see how many people came using Metabody's promotion. It was our great pleasure to introduce Yoga to these people and to watch the beautiful process they all went through in just 5 classes. Many of them became our regular members and still are our active students visiting our studio 2-3 times a week. Another great contribution to our business was the great reviews these people left on Yelp. That helped us attract even more people to our Yoga classes. During our mutual work the communication was always great. Whatever technical support we needed, it was always there. We felt the team we were working with was constantly willing to improve and always acted very professional on all levels. We consider Metabody as one of the miracles that happened to us during this remarkable year of our life.
Keshava and Radha, New York
Our yoga studio decided to try MetaBody as a means of generating qualified leads for a hard-to-fill class time on our class schedule. The MetaBody program helped us attract clients to this class time that we otherwise might not have reached with our other marketing efforts. We were able to send emails and make phone calls to convert some of these clients to a regular class pass. Because MetaBody pass holders are required to make reservations in the MetaBody scheduling system, it was easy for us to anticipate and track daily attendance. We will use MetaBody again to generate business for our yoga studio.
As a small yoga studio, the Metabody fitness system was wonderful; everything was so easy. Adding, scheduling classes and instructors was a breeze. The rare times that I did have trouble, Metabody fitness' tech team was right there to help me. An extra valuable plus to the whole system is the reviews which we shared immediately with both our teachers and our online social media community. Thank you MBF for such a great tool.
I have been a partner with Metabody company offering some fitness classes to prospects for the last 2 years, almost. It has been a truly successful and beneficial deal for me, regarding obtaining some new students to my Yoga and Zumba classes, which I wanted to grow. MetaBody sent prospects to my classes which were less attended. I have been pleased with the overall coordination with the Metabody System and managing tools that are offered online so that we (instructors) can have direct access and total control, outlook on who is coming, who has enrolled, who has how many visits left, etc. If I were to recommend the Metabody deal to other owners or fitness instructors? I definitely give my word!
Working with MetaBody was one of the best decisions I made for my Yoga studio Yoga Vita. It offers people enough classes to be able to make a decision whether or not to continue. So I wind up with students interested in learning Yoga.There are lots of sites that can put bodies in your place, but MetaBody clients are shopping around for a place that suits them, and when they find it they will stay with it.
MetaBody was very quick to respond to any questions and requests, adjusting the schedule until we actually saw how easy the scheduling program worked and how it gave us full access to people's info: classes they signed up for, or cancelled - time of day, emails and phone numbers. It gave us an excellent opportunity to build a connection with many clients and prepare to have them sign up as a member with us. We got daily emails with a list of students signed up for the day, with complete contact information. We also were able to offer specials and send quick announcements to the whole class list or post them on our page on MetaBody!
Interested in Promoting Your Studio?

Talk to a MetaBody Marketing Specialist... Call 1-800-580-9232
We’re here Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm EST
Metabody Has been a huge help for our martial arts school. Since we have begun working with them the number of people we have gotten dropping into our class has been doubling over the past year. I believe that the conversion rate is also very good because Metabody makes so many options available to their clients. Our ability to use the meta-body website to contact clients and get them ready for our class is also extremely useful. It has been amazing working with meta-body and we appreciate everything they have done to help our school, and we look forward to continuing working with them.
James Lynch, Minneapolis
Diamond Fitness has been working with Metabody for almost a year and the partnership has brought a lot of new faces in the door. We are so fortunate to have met so many great people, increased class size and participation as well as converting prospects to new members. Metabody also provides great customer service to facilities with quick responses to questions. Thank you!
Abby W, Altamonte Springs
MetaBody has been a great tool for us. We have been able to turn over a good percentage of clients and we look forward to continue to use MetaBody as a tool to build our business.
Chickaro Martin
As a small business owner, I don't have much of an advertising budget. Anything I can do to get the word out about my Zumba and yoga and classes without cost is an extremely valuable tool. Since starting to run my classes with/through Metabody, I've seen many new faces come through the doors and have already had a few clients continue on after their 10 classes have expired.
We have being working with Metabody Fitness for over 1 year. They are always very helpful. They have excellent customer services, anything we need like schedule, cancelations any questions that we have, there is always someone to help you. Daily we receive people coming to try our classes. And we have already signed up a lot of students that came from Metabody Fitness.
Giselle Araujo and Marcus Magalhaes
We have been a MetaBody partner for a little over a year now. We have approximately a 43% conversion rate and are very pleased with the results!! The daily attendance emails keeps all our prospects front and center and makes scheduling much easier. We are very excited to see the new software programs that MetaBody is implementing and hope to be partners for a long time!
I've been partnered with MetaBody for two years now, and I can honestly say it has been a big reason why my business has increased 40% from the first quarter of last year. I've reached and impacted so many people I never would've if it weren't for the MetaBody. The software has made everything so much easier; from tracking attendance, to adding and subtracting from my schedule, to communicating with participants to see how their experience is going with my program. I recently called a customer who had just completed her first week to follow up with her, a few seconds into the conversation she tells me "I've gotten so much value through your program and the Metabody pass, how can I sign up for the 2-month unlimited package? " This woman has become a regular participant along with two other people just this week.
I'm so excited on what MetaBody has in store for us this season. I want to personally thank each and everyone of you. Your professionalism and dedication to helping your partners stay ahead of the curve is remarkable. I feel truly blessed to be connected with MetaBody! Keep it coming. Your progress is fueling my success and for this I say a big THANK YOU!!!
Katherine Moore Devoe
Interested in Promoting Your Studio?

Talk to a MetaBody Marketing Specialist... Call 1-800-580-9232
We’re here Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm EST
MetaBody is a great way to get new members in the door that are truly interested in your facility, unlike traditional daily deal campaigns which can bog down your club with hundreds of uninterested consumers. I highly recommend it for any gym or fitness facility. We've had a successful run of converting MetaBody participants into paying customers.
Fit for Life has been partnered with Metabody for almost two years now. What a great partnership we have had with them. They advertise for us, the customer comes in with what they believe is a good deal and we convert them to permanent customers on a contract. Its that simple! I hope to continue this relationship for years to come!
My experience with MetaBody had been great! I've had an excellent turn-over from their referrals to long-term clients with my company. I've been working with them over a year now, and hope to partner with them far into the future. Their online reservation system is very helpful, easy to access and use. I know exactly who and when someone is showing up for our classes. I highly recommend them!
As the owner of a dance fitness studio, we really epitomize the definition of a small, local business. Our product is incredible, our reach is minimal and our advertising budget doesn’t exist. I have relied on clever ways to get the word out about Dance Trance Orlando, and MetaBody has been huge for bringing in new traffic. With zero effort on my part, they’ve consistently brought business in the door. The best part, they are customers with an interest in fitness and SPECIFICALLY, in dancing! Our retention rate has been impressive. We’re a niche business, so I don’t expect everyone to love us and stay with us – but because MetaBody is targeting an audience that’s already searching for new fitness concepts, we’re in a much better position to keep business. I have watched classes grow from empty to PACKED – and have incredible stories of weight loss to tell! One of my students, started a year ago with a 10-class MetaBody pass and consistently purchases 3-month packages. She tells us the reason she came through the door was MetaBody, the reason she stayed was because it was a challenge to her brain and her body. How’s that for a win-win?
I have been partnered up with Metabody Fitness for over 1 year now. It has been a pleasure working with their entire team. Most importantly of course, this partnership has been truly helpful in the growth of my business. The MetaBody team has gone above and beyond in keeping the promises they made on the day that they have contacted me, the main one being bringing new clients into my dance studio weekly. I look forward to continuing to work with MetaBody in the years to come.
The visibility Metabody gives me for my business is significant. We are getting new customers daily at no cost. Converting them to new paying customers is much easier when you already have them at class experiencing the great work out. We look forward to continued success with MetaBody.
As a small business owner I am always looking for ways to increase efficiency and improve our bottom line. Our two year partnership with MetaBody has done just that. Specifically, MetaBody’s scheduling software and the Ease-Of-Use for us, on the business end, and for our clients, on the consumer end, has led to an increase in our small group training revenue. MetaBody is tuned in to our needs as evidenced by their designs that give us the, time sensitive, control we need to operate our scheduling effectively. Another great feature is the Daily Attendance emails which inform us of who is coming to class that day – My training staff loves this feature. Recently, we had three, unsolicited, positive reviews posted online…these were MetaBody driven clients and I guarantee they never would have given us such positive remarks if there were scheduling issues. Thank you MetaBody!
I'm going to put it plain and simple. MetaBody has been a great partner for us for the past two years. They provide us with the leads and we convert approximately 44% of those leads. Because, we run a boot camp like no one else in the Philadelphia market. More importantly, those that we don't convert love the program and refer others to join. Add those numbers and it takes us over the 50% marker. After speaking with most of the clients that MetaBody sends us, I realized we would have never reached them and the best thing is MetaBody does it all! A big part is the software system they offer, scheduling, receiving daily attendance emails of who’s coming and keeping tab of the sessions is a snap. Metabody has made a difference in my boot camp, group training and 1-on-1 fitness training businesses.
Jeffery Rice, Philadelphia
Interested in Promoting Your Studio?

Talk to a MetaBody Marketing Specialist... Call 1-800-580-9232
We’re here Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm EST
The Metabody scheduling software has made intigrating Metabody clients into our gym so easy! With the ability for me to add new classes, adjust class sizes and when clients can start as well as contact clients whenever I need to has been a huge blessing. By partnering with Metabody, it has exposed our studio to so many people we wouldn't have otherwise been able to reach. As a result we have been able to convert Metabody clients into our own regular clients as well as these clients have referred their friends, family and coworkers to us. Thank you Metabody.
Tyron P., Vancouver
I've had a pretty good experience with MetaBody, although some of the demographic they attracted was sometimes tough to up sell right away, I still had many who did stay. It also filled my classes, or at least added new faces which was nice during slow season.
My tiny yoga studio has very limited space, so offering my own promotion would have been impossible unless I could find a way to control enrollment. The MetaBody offer was, therefore, perfect for me because their software allowed me not only to choose which classes pass holders could attend but also how many could attend each class. The improvements to their software have made my partnership with MetaBody even better! Since my business is still new and enrollment can be erratic, I have been able to change which classes are available in a few keystrokes. I have also been up to raise and lower the number of spaces available in seconds. The software is truly easy to use and has enabled me to perfectly customize the promotion to fit my needs. The promotion has been perfect for my studio, bringing in some wonderful new clients, and the software has truly made the whole process pain free. Thank you, MetaBody!
Kathy K, Elm Grove
I have been very happy with MetaBody. The professionalism and ease of their scheduler lets me setup a simple system and rules to help my business see new customers without any inconvenience to the gym, myself, and most importantly the actual Customers. Every time I have needed to get a hold of someone, It was quick, they were very professional and solved my issue quickly. I encourage all businesses that are looking to expand their member base to use MetaBody.
Santiago F, San Antonio
It has been my pleasure as a Jazzercise Franchisee owner to have worked with the team at MetaBody for the last year. Through this association, almost 100 new customers have come into my 2 class locations to try Jazzercise! The support that MetaBody has given me is phenomenal! Any concerns of mine are always addressed immediately. I love the open dialogue! The updates to the scheduling system throughout this last year have made it easy for me to update my schedule, track attendance and communicate with my customers. More updates are on the way this Spring which I know will help me to increase my conversion numbers going forward.
We have a great relationship with Metabody! The fact that we control the class size and the convenience of being able to add people into class is great. Metabody's customer service is good, too. They are quick to answer questions. We are grateful for the students that Metabody has and will continue to bring to Heat Yoga! Namaste
Lisa Hart, Maple Grove
I would like to take a moment and tell you how Metabody has helped my business. And everything they promised me in 2011 has happened and even better.
  • They approached me by telling me they would fill my classes that were slow. And that did happen!
  • They told me they would bring new people into the studio. And that has also happened. With a retention of about 30%.
  • They told me I would have exclusivity in my area. And I have remained the only one in my area.
  • I have now opened it to other classes that may appeal to others with different tastes.
  • The website is user friendly
  • The technical support is fabulous
  • I have had no repeated coupon customers as with the other sites such as Living social/ Groupon etc.
All in all I am very satisfied with everything and will remain a faithful client.
Thank you Metabody….
Kathey Condon, Kissimmee, FL
I am the manager/owner of the Body + Brain Yoga Center in Kew Gardens Hills, NY. I joined up with Metabody shortly over one year ago and have experienced with them an excellent and growing partnership. As a business service, the Metabody team has been readily available by email or by phone (for dinosaurs like myself) and has developed a sophisticated and "user-friendly" system for me use as I welcome new clients into my center. Helpful and appropriate client information has allowed me to call and/or email prospective members ahead of time; allowing for a smooth and successful transition from a mere interest in yoga to a change in their lifestyle. Those who have joined here have signed up for memberships ranging anywhere from a 10-card to six month renewal plan; 90% remaining on as core members. Whether they join here or elsewhere Metabody is creating a win-win situation for all of us; changing the energy and the happiness of many New Yorkers!
Our Yoga studio has been using the Metabody Fitness Pass to provide more exposure our Yoga Classes Health/Wellness services offered by the studio. We have had a diverse group of individuals sample the classes have been able to upgrade those who enjoyed their experience to regular memberships. Some of the individuals have even upgraded to workshop and personal training programs. The Metabody programs online system has also been useful helping to track the number of classes people have taken and provide an added advantage by allowing us to contact pass-owners before they begin classes. Overall our experience has been pleasant and useful.
Sumeet Dhillon, Albuquerque