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Tonya J
Tucker, GA
It only costed me $20 for 30 classes! Crazy!! I tried out different classes which I'm so glad I did, the instructors made me really comfortable, and now I am in love with Yoga.
Sandy L
Indianapolis, IN
I just completed my first beginners fitness class this morning, I can't begin to tell you how amazing I feel, just six hours later. I made some new friends and look forward to taking my second class tomorrow with them.
Sasha P
Flint, MI
I purchased an online fitness pass. It gave me the opportunity to try out thirty classes for various fitness studios. It was amazing!
Jennifer P
Milwaukee WI
MetaBody Fitness is awesome, I work out at several fitness studios and have fun doing it! MetaBody Fitness is a wonderful way to get in shape, I am so happy my girlfriend told me about it.
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