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What is MetaBody Yoga & Fitness Pass?
The MetaBody Yoga & Fitness Pass is the premier one-stop destination to find, book, review and share the best fitness classes in your city. Using one convenient and easy to use pass, you can try a multitude of locations and classes.
I have already tried out some of the studios included in the MetaBody Yoga & Fitness Pass within the past year. Can I still use the MetaBody Yoga & Fitness Pass to go to those studios?
You can only use the MetaBody Yoga & Fitness Pass at studios that you have never been to before. The MetaBody Yoga & Fitness Pass is designed to enable you to try out new studios and classes, so go out there explore try something new! If you go to class at a studio you have been to in the past, the studio may ask you to pay the regular price for the class or join as a member at that studio.
Can I write a review for a class I didn't book through the MetaBody Yoga & Fitness Pass and will I still qualify for the weekly prize?
Yes! We want to help others find the best classes and studios so please add your reviews and don’t forget to share your review on Facebook and Twitter for bonus points and more chances to win the weekly prize.
How far in advance can I book a class?
Each studio has its own reservation policies, but normally you have to book classes at least 6 hours in advance.
What Is the No-Show, Cancellation & Refund Policy?
No Shows. If you book a class and do not arrive in time to take the class or don’t cancel, then you will forfeit the purchase price and may not receive a refund or store credit.
Cancellations and Refunds. There is a 24 hour cancellation policy in effect. Two or more No Shows result in an immediate revocation of the MetaBody Yoga & Fitness Pass. After you book your first class there are no refunds; however, if for any reason you are not satisfied with your MetaBody Yoga & Fitness Pass, we will issue you a brand new pass with an extended expiry date.
The MetaBody Yoga & Fitness Pass is for 30 Classes. Do I have to use my 30 classes all at once?
Class Passes are non-consecutive and you have until the expiry date to use all of your 30 classes.
The MetaBody Yoga & Fitness Pass is for 30 classes, but the details say “5 or 10 classes per company”. Does that mean I have to switch locations after attending 5 or 10 classes?
Yes! We invite you to try out all of locations as each location offers different types of classes. This is a perfect opportunity for you to experience all the best locations and classes in your city!
Is the pass valid for all the classes?
The pass is valid for all classes available on the online scheduling system. This means that you can attend Yoga, Spinning, Boxing, Kickboxing, if those classes are listed.
I have never exercised before, are these classes right for me?
Many of the classes offered at the participating studios are designed to accommodate all fitness levels. However, we advise that you contact your physician before starting any new exercise program.
Do I just show up to class?
ABSOLUTELY NO WALK-INS ARE ALLOWED. You must pre-register using the online scheduling system.
I need help, how do I contact Customer Support?
We have customer service agents online during regular business hours that can help you with any questions that you may have. Please send an email to
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